Snow swallow without aluminum double effect baking powder

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Basic information of the company
A. Product specification: 1kg*10
B. range of use: applicable to all kinds of fermented flour products, batter, coating powder, frying powder, Fried flour products and barbecue food
C. matters needing attention:
1. Store in a cool and dry place.
2, mix with flour and mix with water, do not directly into the water.
3. 0.5-2.5% of the weight of flour.
4, powder food please avoid dust and dust hazards away from the source of fire.
5. Keep away from moisture and heat. Store in a cool and dry place and keep sealed at room temperature.
D. The wonderful use of aluminum-free baking powder
Baking powder is a kind of compound laxative, which is mainly used as a quick laxative for flour food, and is used for making cakes, cakes, steamed buns, buns, shortcakes, breads and other foods. It's basic, yeast is acidic, neutralized with baking powder. The food is fluffy and sweet.
1. It can make the dough fluffy. When you mix it with the dough, it will make the dough become fluffy quickly and make the food made with the dough soft and delicious.
2. Shorten the fermentation time and add appropriate amount of baking powder, which can not only accelerate the fermentation of dough, but also make the finished food soft and delicious. When baking cakes and breads and other desserts, appropriate amount of baking powder can also be added to make the cake and bread bubble quickly and make the cake and bread more fluffy and full.