Microecological preparation (e.g. bacillus subtilis, saccharomyces cervix, etc.), beneficial bacteri

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Industry Technology research position Technology research
Recruitment department recruiting numbers 2人
Work area 辽宁 Nature of work 兼职
Gender requirements 女士 Marriage requires 未婚
Degree required 大专 Work experience There is no limit
The age requirement 22-80age Treatment level 10000-20000元/month
Updated date 2019-11-23 Will be valid until 长期有效
The job description
Scope of work: related work on microecological preparations (such as bacillus subtilis, saccharomyces cerevisiae, etc.), culture and inoculation of beneficial bacteria.

Job requirements: microbiology major graduates or have certain work experience, treat the work carefully, treat the enterprise has a sense of responsibility.

Location: changle county, weifang city, shandong province
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