Microbiological researcher wanted in jiangsu

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Industry Biological researcher position Biological researcher
Recruitment department recruiting numbers 10人
Work area 北京 Nature of work 全职
Gender requirements 男士 Marriage requires 未婚
Degree required 初中 Work experience There is no limit
The age requirement 20-45age Treatment level 3-5元/month
Updated date 2019-11-23 Will be valid until 长期有效
The job description
Job title: microbiology researcher

Recruitment: 2 persons

Job responsibilities:

1. Familiar with the basic properties of common raw materials and excipients used in microbial fermentation, and basic knowledge of microbial laboratory work;

2. Able to complete the patent writing and project application of microbial fermentation;

3. Able to conduct research on expansion culture and production process of target bacteria.


1. Bachelor degree or above in microbiology, bioengineering (microbiology), agriculture, animal husbandry or related majors, master's degree is preferred;

2. Have done research on microorganism in undergraduate or postgraduate stage, and have good laboratory working ability;

3. Good communication skills and moral cultivation, with a strong sense of teamwork.


After probation, pay basic social insurance and housing accumulation fund

Second, enjoy travel subsidies, high temperature fees, holiday benefits

3. Free accommodation

Iv. Rewards will be given at the end of the year within 2-5 months

5. All sales recommended or introduced after entry shall enjoy commission

6. The staffs above graduate students shall have equity incentive for a certain number of years of service
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