Mooncake prices cut in half before Mid-Autumn festival

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Core tips:Mooncake prices cut in half before Mid-Autumn festival  
  As the Mid-Autumn festival is approaching, a reporter from Beijing youth daily visited the market and found that this year, the price war of mooncake is particularly fierce. A gift box of four or five hundred yuan can be bought at a discount of less than 50 percent when turned around on the second-hand platform.
Starbucks, a famous mooncake brand among young consumers, is pursued by star fans every year. Starbucks' most expensive mooncake this year is still 598 yuan per 10 pieces, while the other two gift boxes are priced at 348 yuan per 6 pieces and 458 yuan per 8 pieces, which are 10 yuan more than last year. In addition, Costa coffee's mooncake gift box of 6 pieces is 298 yuan, Pacific (3.670, 0.02, 0.55%) coffee's mooncake gift box of 6 pieces is 208 yuan, xicha's mooncake gift box of 298 yuan, and neshi's mooncake gift box of one type of tea is 288 yuan.
According to the statistical data analysis of Beijing baking industry association, the overall price range of Beijing mooncake market this year is basically unchanged, and the olive price pattern is still maintained. Most mooncake gift boxes will be priced between 80 and 200 yuan, accounting for two-thirds of the total mooncake production. Compared with the vertical one, it can be seen that the price of starbucks mooncake is the most expensive, with the average price of a single starbucks mooncake being around 58 yuan.
In the face of such a high price, how is the market sales? A reporter from beiqing daily recently visited a number of starbucks stores. Although the stores would not disclose the specific sales data, when the reporter asked whether the mooncake could be discounted, a clerk in a starbucks store in dongcheng district immediately recommended the store manager for contact, "how many boxes do you want? You can get a 30% discount for more than 20 boxes."
Except store price "dark" drop in idle around fish, such as second-hand platform, north green newspaper reporter found that starbucks moon cake price discount more than half the people on the platform release information, starbucks said the moon cake gift box can order in large lots, packages, mail, three box price respectively is 170 yuan, 280 yuan, 350 yuan, equivalent to sixty percent or even fifty percent of the original.
On xianyu platform, the reporter of beiqing daily communicated with several sellers and found that many of them claimed to be "partners" of starbucks, which is also a common title for starbucks employees. One seller in guangzhou said that although he had sold many boxes of starbucks mooncakes, he was not a scalper. If you buy a mooncake gift box, you can send it to Beijing in kind."
He revealed that the in-store purchase price of starbucks partners is 30% off, but with the discount of star gift card and bank card, it can be converted into a 60% or 50% discount for resale. For example, the purchase price of 10,000 boxes of moon cakes is 50% off. We stock up in the pre-sale period and resell them through platforms like xianyu. Although the profit of each box is not big, we can still earn dozens of yuan."
One xianyu seller in Beijing who posted a discount on starbucks mooncake gift boxes called the relationship with starbucks' stores "cooperative", but he was coy about which partnerships, saying that in addition to buying in-store goods at a 30% discount, the store would also give them coffee vouchers and other benefits.
A reporter from beiqing news noticed on xianyu that a seller named "star dad welfare" has sold more than 10 orders since August 12, and the transaction amount has exceeded 10,000 yuan. Article/our reporter li jia
Experts claim
Price chaos is bound to cause a loss of brand reputation
What's more, starbucks mooncakes are also available in bulk on the second-hand goods platform. One seller, who identified himself as a starbucks partner, wrote on xianyu: "loose starbucks mooncakes, six without a box, cost 100 yuan. Why is that? You go to the starbucks and ask, is it easy?" In addition, people in many places are selling loose starbucks mooncakes online and selling them for 14.5 yuan to 23 yuan each under the name of "tasting container", which shows that there are indeed a few transactions.
Regarding the confusion of sales channels, the head of public relations of starbucks in Beijing replied to the reporter of beiqing daily that starbucks did not offer 50% discount for mooncake coupons and hoped customers could buy them from the official channels. The official did not give any other response to the price chaos on the second-hand platform.
Chinese food industry analyst zhu danpeng pointed out that haagen-dazs, starbucks and other brands such as the moon cake appeared 50% or 60% off the sales of scalpers, in fact, the brand is very harmful. Take starbucks mooncake as an example. Starbucks diehard fans will buy mooncake at the normal price, but ordinary consumers can buy mooncake at a 50% discount on the platform. It can be seen that there is a problem in the whole internal control of the brand. If starbucks does not take effective measures, the brand reputation will be reduced.

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