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Core tips:We need to propose different types of inulin or pea protein (with different solubility, function, sugar content, etc.) to meet your needs.
 A global trend towards a balanced diet
Dieting used to be just about losing weight, but now it's an active lifestyle that almost everyone participates in. In addition, new "fad" diets appear every day, and most consumers believe that a healthy and balanced diet is the easiest and most effective way to stay healthy on a global scale.
Another important point to remember is that no matter how nutritious the product, taste and brand personality are the most important keys to success! This has led to a real trend towards nutritional balance in mass-market products that are actually less fat and sugar and rich in "good" nutrients (fibre, vitamins, etc.) with little effect on texture or taste.
With this goal in mind, Cosucra's team is working to develop a nutritionally balanced all-inclusive concept that is similar to the full-fat, all-sugar reference in the senses.
Reduction of sugar and fat with Fibruline®
Sugar and fat are at the top of consumers' nutrition blacklist. Unfortunately, this content also determines the taste and texture of the food and beverage products added to it. Therefore, it is not easy to change grease to keep ingredients clean without additives or artificial ingredients.
If you are faced with this problem, you will be pleased to know that there are some solutions, one of which is Fibruline®, an invisible soluble fiber (also known as inulin or oligosaccharide) that is gently extracted from chicory. In addition to being natural fibers, Fibruline® can also replace sugars and fats in almost all types of food and beverage products. So how does it work?
In the case of sugar replacement, Fibruline® serves as a substitute. In baking products, short chain inulin or fructose-oligosaccharide can be used for the best results. It has the best solubility and therefore has the least effect on texture. Reduced sugar cakes containing Fibrulos® oligosaccharide have been found to have the same volume and texture as reference cakes. The liquid form of fructo-oligosaccharide also ACTS as a moisturizer, thus maintaining a smooth texture for the shelf life.
Fibruline® Fibruline® is a very useful tool for high-moisture products (ice cream, creme sauce, etc.). Long chain inulin has the unique ability to form a gel under water that has a taste similar to that of fat (" simulated fat "). In other types of applications, especially in baked goods, Fibruline® may function in different ways, but almost as effectively, because low-fat cakes containing Fibrulose® oligosaccharide have been shown to be significantly better.
Due to its ability to replace sugars and/or fats, Fibruline® is a nutritionally balanced multi-solution component that can automatically reduce calories and enrich fiber!
Increase protein content with Pisane®
Protein in food and drink was once limited to specific areas of nutrition, such as sports nutrition and weight management. As protein concentration goes mainstream, adding protein can also be seen as a strategy to rebalance food nutrients.
In the diversity of proteins on the market, not all proteins are created equal, and we are seeing a growing trend to use plant proteins (such as pea proteins).
To promote the use of pea protein in various final products, Cosucra's r&d department spent several years improving the taste of Pisane®, a pea protein isolate. The result is a plant protein with a neutral taste that is almost imperceptible in many types of food. Two years ago, Cosucra introduced another novel product to promote the use of pea protein in baked goods: Pisane®B9. Due to its poor solubility and low water absorption, this protein can be added in large quantities to nutritional bars, cakes, biscuits and bread products with less effect on texture and baking time than competitive proteins.
Pisane® isa high purity, neutral tasting pea protein that can be used to enrich many popular food and beverage products without compromising indulgence.
Gingerbread cake with high fibrin content
In many countries, gingerbread is eaten for breakfast or between meals. Due to the use of chicory oligosaccharides, fibru-los ®L85, and pea protein Pisane®B9, this authentic recipe has been nutritionally modified to bring more fiber and more protein (for example, proteins that older people will enjoy) and more fun. In addition to the invisible fiber and neutral taste of protein, these ingredients help maintain good taste and soft texture during the shelf life.
PinaColada and gingerbread cake are two of the many Fibruline®/Fibrulose® and Pisane® products that can achieve nutritional balance without affecting taste and texture. Also, since we are fully aware that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all applications or processes, we need to come up with different types of inulin or pea proteins (with different solubility, functions, sugar content, etc.) to meet your needs.
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