Top inspection: severely crack down on crimes violating food and drug safety

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Core tips:Top inspection: severely crack down on crimes violating food and drug safety
  Last year, procuratorial organs at all levels launched a campaign to crack down on crimes of infringing intellectual property rights and producing and selling fake or substandard goods. Departments of public prosecution at all levels have set up specialized case handling organizations, and some areas have specialized and centralized jurisdiction over food and drug cases. By improving the evidence docking mechanism between administrative cases and criminal cases, a guiding investigation and evidence collection mechanism has been established, and the standards of case proof and identification have been unified to improve the quality of case handling. In addition, some procuratorates have coordinated the establishment of two "green channels" for the prosecution and trial of food and drug cases to crack down on crimes in accordance with the law.

A person in charge of the public prosecution department of the Supreme People's Procuratorate said that the prosecution cases of producing and selling fake and inferior commodities presented new features: the types of crimes were relatively concentrated, including producing and selling fake and inferior products, fake medicines, food that did not meet safety standards, and poisonous and harmful food cases, accounting for 86% of such crimes. There has been a marked increase in crimes against counterfeit and shoddy medicines, health products and health devices. More cases of fake and shoddy products were reported in urban and rural areas and rural markets. Crime is organized and large-scale; The trend of using the Internet and modern logistics to carry out crimes is obvious. Crime has low cost and high profit.

It is learned that in 2018, procuratorial organs across the country will continue to severely crack down on crimes violating food and drug safety in accordance with the law, improve the regular mechanism of special supervision, actively participate in relevant special operations, and strive to maintain the safety of the people's tongue and drug use.
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