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  After the merger and acquisition war, the concentration of the domestic beer industry has been rapidly rising, and the beer industry has begun to transform and upgrade around the adjustment of product structure, and young consumers have become the target of the major beer brands. China resources snow rolled out a few days ago advocate the new product of youth market "superX", will seize the market of youth through multi-dimensional recreational sale.

Beer enterprises to achieve capacity optimization

With the development of mobile Internet and the dividend of consumption upgrading, the beer industry ushered in a new era, from the post-quantitative change era to the new qualitative change era: brand from the mainstream to high-end, personalized change; The market advantage changes from high market share to high quality; Channel from the number of hierarchical control to direct marketing, digital transformation, production to centralized, intelligent, high efficiency. Under such industrial background, the beer industry also ushered in new development opportunities.

Hou xiaohai, general manager of China resources snow, said in an interview with reporters that the future trend of the beer industry is brand value, capacity concentration, product upgrading, digital operation. Kinetic energy from mergers and acquisitions, integrating the pursuit of enterprise development, scale expansion, brand, management improvement, into a completely new consumption promoting consumption upgrading under the big brand group, personalized valued item group, the perfection of production efficiency of large factory and intelligent manufacturing development, mobile Internet management comprehensive digital informatization under the new kinetic energy.

In fact, in order to adapt to the new development trend of the beer industry, beer enterprises began to reshape their brands and optimize their production capacity from 2017.

We will promote high-end products for younger consumption

On March 18, cre snow beer, a new beer specially tailored for young people -- brave tianya superX, was launched, which is also the first core product of cre snow beer since its brand remolding.

"Super" represents super and infinite, and X represents exploration and the unknown. "superX" means that the future will bring infinite possibilities for young users to explore.

When, in November 2017, snow world debut "concept" series, the product around the theme of "in the future by your definition, to product packaging, brewing technology, taste quality and overall style made a comprehensive improvement, and invited the children of tomorrow a championship is not easy to as a" new experience officer "MAO endorsements, snowflake concept series products such as electricity, KA channels.

The listed tianya superX is a brand new product launched by cr snow beer under the new product development concept, new product craft brewing technology and new product marketing mode. After the listing, it will cover catering terminals and other broader channels.

In Hou Xiaohai view, the snow over the past decade has been a huge success, become a single brand all over the world's largest beer enterprise capacity, has more than 90 national factory, but for now, there are advantages also have insufficient, "enterprise is the most afraid of is satisfied, and the outside world has changed, the former has the tiger, chasing behind after snow needs to raise the first of its kind, many markets need to develop. "Brave tianya superX new product is the first core product launched by cr snow in the new era of the industry and the new journey of beer. It not only shoulders the mission of upgrading cr snow's own brand, but also carries the important task of industrial transformation and upgrading."

Beer expert fang gang said in an interview with reporters that the brave tianya superX product is an iconic product, which can interpret the new thinking, new direction and new ability of cr snow and even the whole beer industry. "Since last year, snowflake's visual image has been upgraded to include Chinese elements and focus on two key points of young people's consumption."

And according to reporter understanding, this snow is tasted new release had spokesman for the first time, try water recreational sale.

From the perspective of insiders, since the era of "Internet +", the traditional information transmission mode has been greatly impacted, especially the young generation has become the main force of consumption, and fragmentation and personalization have become the new information transmission mode between enterprise brands and users. Compared with the traditional beer industry, facing the new marketing situation, self-subversion and innovation should not only stay at the level of product upgrading, but also actively commit to the information connection with users to realize modernization.

2018-2023 Chinese beer industry market depth analysis and investment strategy research report has shown that the launch, China resources snow beer not only popular please globe trekker superX Wang Jiaer do image spokesperson, also teamed up with blood street dance company and its power X-ray crew combination, and named the hit music idol a program "tomorrow", invited the children of tomorrow a championship is not easy for MAO conference, multi-dimensional try water entertainment marketing, in the form of young people like to "fix" young people.

As a post-90s traffic student, wang jia er's vivacious, straightforward and unconventional personality has won wide popularity among young fans. His strength in hot blood street dance shows his strong professional skills.

For China resources snow and "tomorrow's son" cooperation, in hou xiaohai's view, it is to highlight the young people's diverse values, break the limit, highlight the personality of the program characteristics, for the young group has a strong aggregation ability, and brave break the tianya superX "personality, tide, cool" brand connotation is very consistent.

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