Liquor product upgrade industry full recovery five years or up to a trillion

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Core tips: Liquor product upgrade industry full recovery five years or up to a trillion
  In the current Chinese liquor market, brands such as kweichow moutai, wuliangye and luzhou laojiao have firmly occupied the high-end liquor market, and it is not easy to challenge such brands. The recovery of the liquor industry from 2016 to 2017 shows a continuous improvement in the prosperity degree. However, this round of recovery of liquor is not a carnival of the whole industry, but a high growth brought by recovering lost land and enjoying upgrading of famous liquor.

Liquor product upgrade

For the development situation of liquor industry in 2018, a number of industry experts and liquor enterprise leaders put forward their own judgment. Overall, brand differentiation and liquor product price level will become a consensus.

Wang chaocheng, chairman of shengchu group, said the key words of the liquor industry in 2018 could be summarized as "price shift, oligopoly pattern". Price shift means that large price increase at the high end is not sustainable and the price will be stable in 2018. The second high-end liquor is in the golden zone of price upgrade. Sub-premium baijiu used to be squeezed in a narrow price band. With the price of moutai, wuliangye rise, this price band was widened.

The mid-to-high-end upgrading is under way, and the net profits of many liquor enterprises in 2017 grew rapidly, mostly in this price band. The price band of liquor consumption is very wide, and the competition pattern of super high-end liquor is clear. Below the high end price, local bibcock will undertake competition with countrywide brand.

Jinyufeng, a liquor marketing expert, described the liquor industry in 2018 as "sustained, innovation-driven and differentiated". Jin pointed out that the liquor industry in 2017 is only a structural recovery led by first-tier high-end brands, and a large number of unlisted companies and local brands are still struggling. The change of demand structure and consumption pattern, as well as the cost increase brought by supply-side reform, have promoted the price rise of high-end liquor brands led by moutai. These factors will continue in 2018 and could push the price of baijiu to continue its slow rise.

Industry full recovery five years or reach trillion scale

According to the in-depth market analysis and investment strategy research report of Chinese health care liquor industry from 2018 to 2023, a total of 11.198 million liters of liquor were produced by Chinese liquor enterprises above the scale in 2017, an increase of 6.86%. The sales revenue reached 565.4 billion yuan, up 14.42%, and the total profit reached 102.8 billion yuan, up 35.79%. In the recent Spring Festival market, baijiu has also been pursued by consumers, and there has been discount promotion of cheap red wine and a bottle of super high-end baijiu is hard to find.

In fact, the liquor industry has not always been plain sailing, showing a more obvious cyclical. Since 2012, influenced by the economic downturn, the restriction of public consumption, plasticizer incident and other factors, the growth rate of liquor industry has started to decline. In 2014, the year-on-year growth rate was only 2.75%, which was the lowest growth rate of the industry since 2004. However, with the gradual increase of business and personal consumption in the domestic market, the stage bottom of the liquor market in 2015 was confirmed and showed signs of recovery. The annual output was 13.128 million tons, with a year-on-year growth of 5.07%.

By 2017, the liquor market has been growing for three consecutive years and the growth rate has accelerated. In 2017, the industry's output, revenue and profit in three aspects all grew twice as fast as in 2016. It is certain that the liquor industry has entered a rapid growth of the full recovery and high-speed growth cycle. At present, the annual revenue of liquor market has exceeded 500 billion yuan. Even if only maintain the current growth rate, China's liquor industry revenue will break through one trillion yuan in five years, the industry into the "trillion club" can expect.

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