Listed beer company performance is good high-end beer demand is strong

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Core tips:  Listed beer company performance is good high-end beer demand is strong
  In view of the high concentration of China's beer market, China resources, Qingdao and other five giants occupy more than 80% of the market share, beer prices, leading enterprises are expected to continue to profit. Sales also let manufacturers have the strength to raise prices. From the end of 2017, China resources beer, tsingtao beer and other beer giants have raised prices.

The performance of listed beer companies improved

In recent years, due to the overall depression of the domestic beer industry, the days of the beer giants are not easy. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, by 2017, China's beer production had been declining for five consecutive years, from 50,615,000 litres in 2013 to 44,015 litres, a cumulative decline of more than 13 percentage points.

In the industry adjustment period, the performance of domestic beer enterprises also fluctuated accordingly. For example, the revenue and net profit of yanjing beer declined for more than two consecutive years from 2014, and the revenue of chongqing beer also declined from the second half of 2016.

The in-depth analysis and investment strategy research report on the market of China's beer industry from 2018 to 2023 shows that in the past 2017, the domestic beer industry began to recover and the performance of listed liquor enterprises turned for the better. In 2017, China resources beer's comprehensive turnover and the company's shareholders should account for an increase of 3.6 percent and 86.8 percent, respectively. Revenue and net profit of zhujiang beer rose 6.23% and 62.75% respectively. Yanjing beer, which has not yet published its annual report, also achieved double growth in revenue and net profit in the first half of last year. Chongqing beer revealed in the performance forecast that the company is expected to make a net profit of about 330 million yuan in 2017, an increase of about 82% year-on-year.

It is worth noting that the improvement in the net profit of listed domestic beer companies is more obvious, while the increase in revenue is not obvious. This is related to the development of high-end products in recent years and the promotion of high-end strategy of the company. The high added value and high profit level of the products have boosted the performance of the company.

In this regard, a staff member of tsingtao beer told reporters that in 2017, the company's main brand tsingtao beer achieved a total sales volume of 3.765 million liters, among which the high-end series of products accounted for nearly half. Therefore, it maintained the development trend that the profit growth rate was much higher than the sales revenue growth rate, and the sales revenue growth rate was higher than the sales growth rate.

High-end beer is in high demand

Industry insiders said that the price rise of beer has become a trend, and 2018 will usher in a wave of price rise, which is mainly due to the improvement of consumers' consumption ability, the consumption upgrade leads to the fragmentation of demand, high-end beer demand is strong.

This, from a professional wine chain bought nine sales data can be verified, in 2018, during the New Year although beer sales is not the main, but beer sales have focused on the unit price in 15 to 20 yuan price range, keen brand to buy more for 1664, snow, and v plus import brands, such as domestic brands of budweiser only into the sales of the top 10.

"However, imported beer has been out of stock since the end of 2016 and this situation is expected to continue this year. Domestic high-end beer is expected to usher in the development opportunity in this World Cup year." "Purchase nine marketing center director tang tian said.

"With the upgrading of beer consumption, consumers are more and more keen to drink beer with better taste. However, there are not many domestic high-end beer, and consumers who buy high-end beer all choose imported beer." "High-end and craft beer is the future trend of the beer industry," said liu weiping, President of the hunan liquor association. "2018 is the World Cup year, and domestic beer companies need to make efforts in this direction." In addition, he thinks beer industry nearly 10 years for the first time usher in price rise tide, will make beer market concentration degree is very high, let strong constant strong, with the arrival of peak season market, bibcock enterprise is expected to continue to profit.
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