Food and beverage enterprises cross boundary daily chemical control quality is the key

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Core tips:  Food and beverage enterprises are a wave of "cross-border daily chemical" tide. Recently, after introducing perfume, Coca Cola company sells colour makeup again. Shanghai wangwang trading co., LTD.
  Food and beverage enterprises are a wave of "cross-border daily chemical" tide. Recently, after introducing perfume, Coca Cola company sells colour makeup again. Shanghai wangwang trading co., LTD. Also said the future of the development of daily chemical products. KFC, nongfu spring, oreo and others have crossed the daily chemical behavior. Industry experts pointed out that food and beverage enterprises cross the boundary of daily chemical, either to seek greater space for development, or to increase the brand and young people's viscosity, to meet the multi-dimensional needs of consumers. However, although the threshold of the daily chemical industry is relatively low, rapid growth, but cross-border daily chemical involved in many factors, whether the success remains to be tested by the market.

Food and beverage companies have launched daily chemical products

Recently, wang wang is in official micro blog and official WeChat public number "wang zai club" release a message to say, should roll out wang zai to protect skin to change series of daily chemical series, gold ACTS the role of series wait for new taste, series of daily chemical series that protect skin includes toothpaste, wash face milk, elite cream, face film.

The post received tens of thousands of reposts and more than 7,000 comments, and the response was much better than that of wangwang's other posts. Most netizens said "happy to see", many netizens even in wangwang's official micro blog under the comments asked to buy links. Miss peng that claims to eat the product of flourishing flourishing to grow expresses, if flourishing flourishing gives daily chemical product really, can buy at least try, because this brand gave him too much childhood happy memory.

Wangwang later said it was just an April fool's day joke, but also told the media that it would consider developing some daily chemical products in the future. Reporter entered Tmall wangwang food flagship store yesterday, and no daily chemical products.

Others have long been on the move. Following The launch of its perfume, Coca-Cola has teamed up with The Face Shop to launch a range of limited-edition cosmetics. Luzhou laojiao has launched perfume twice, and its latest 20,000 bottles sold out as soon as they hit the market. KFC has also introduced nail polish, sunscreen and lipstick, while pizza hut has introduced "durian pizza perfume". Nongfu spring sold masks last year, and 120,000 boxes were sold in 50 seconds.

Why is the cross-border cosmetics market so responsive? Food and beverage enterprises themselves quite high visibility is the key. The reporter is in treasure yesterday "coke colour makeup" it is keyword, searched lipstick, eye shadow dish, lip glaze to wait for many product. A seller told The reporter that The Face Shop and Coca Cola cooperated in a series of cosmetics with Coca Cola packaging design, lipstick and Coca Cola fragrance. Most buyers of cross-border daily chemical products such as luzhou laojiao perfume and nongfu spring facial mask are also fans of the brands.

Established food enterprises develop new business "self-help"

The personage inside course of study points out, food beverage enterprise chooses to cross boundary, basically be to seek bigger development space. Some established food enterprises encounter bottlenecks in their development and need to develop new businesses to "save themselves".

Wangwang, which has developed in China for nearly 30 years, has seen its performance decline for three consecutive years since 2014, and it still did not improve in 2017. The industry believes that in the increasingly fierce competition in the food market, wangwang has gradually shown fatigue, experienced rapid development, the market tends to be saturated wangwang, want to do in the main business growth is not easy.

In addition, coke's performance suffered a downturn as consumers focused on health and the soda market shrank. In 2017, coke's revenue was $35.41 billion, down 15% from a year earlier. Net profit was $1.248 billion, down 81% from a year earlier.

Wangwang discloses cross boundary daily before chemical idea, had done diversity to try many times. For example, expanded product series, launched instant noodles, baby food and other new product series; Add sub-line brand, in the rice fruit series added black skin, rice taro and big brother three sub-brand, in the candy series added "spicy peanut" sub-brand; Wangwang also offers pre-mixed cocktail "sharapova" and disinfectant "water god"... However, these moves are more like a creative marketing, the response is not warm, diversification attempt is not successful.

Mr Song, the food industry observer, thinks wang wang's diversification strategy has not had a significant effect. Accordingly, want want is eyeing other industry to also be in reason.

Cross boundary daily chemical can increase stickiness with consumer

Zheng haibo, senior personage of cosmetics industry and founder of beauty makeup headline, thinks that some old brand big enterprise crosses boundary to walk diversification route, it is very normal for the enterprise itself. In the eyes of the outside world, the cosmetics industry has a low threshold, high profits and fast growth, so as to set off a cross-border trend into the daily chemical industry.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the total retail sales of cosmetics reached 251.4 billion yuan in 2017, up 13.5 percent year-on-year. Research report on supply and demand forecast and investment strategy of Chinese cosmetics market 2017-2023 issued by zhiyan consulting pointed out that China's cosmetics industry as a whole grew faster than the United States, Britain, Japan and other developed countries, and is the world's fastest growing cosmetics market. By 2021, China's cosmetics industry is expected to reach 349.9 billion yuan.

In addition, it is also pointed out that both the daily chemical and food industries belong to fast consumer products, and they have certain similarities in channels and consumption scenes, and can share resources. Food companies should choose daily chemical industry instead of those unfamiliar industries.

China's food industry, zhu danpeng, pointed out in an interview with a reporter from new express that cross-border daily chemical products can help meet the multi-dimensional needs of consumers and increase the stickiness between brands and consumers from multiple perspectives. For the food brand of flourishing type, cross boundary cosmetic can yet be regarded as an interactive with young people, increase the opportunity of brand stickiness. On the one hand, cross-boundary topics can be superimposed with various social functions such as "eating, drinking and playing" to form topics in young people's circles. On the other hand, this new and strange way can bind the new generation of consumers, strengthen their brand recognition and dependence.

Cross - boundary should control the product quality

Reporters noted that food and beverage enterprises across the border daily chemical usually choose joint way. For example, Coca-Cola co-branded The Face Shop for cosmetics, oreo co-branded chocolate hand cream, yakualdo co-branded Skin's Boni for facial masks with lactic acid bacteria, and so on. Industry insiders pointed out that joint on the one hand is to play the advantages of both sides, reduce the risk of product failure.

On the other hand, the cross-border products are mostly limited edition, which shows that the cross-border is more out of a marketing psychology. 
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