Milk powder giant fa li special milk powder market brands to accelerate the layout of organic milk p

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Core tips:Milk powder giant fa li special milk powder market brands to accelerate the layout of organic milk powder
  With the implementation of milk formula registration system, milk powder market competition has entered the second half. The upgrading trend of infant milk powder products is more clear, milk powder enterprises coincidentally launched new upgraded formula products.

Milk powder giant fat special match milk powder market

According to the Chinese center for disease control and prevention of maternal and child health care center of China city infants allergic epidemiological investigation statistics, the parents self-reported has happened or is happening under the age of 2 allergic disease symptoms up to 40.9% of infants and young children, among them, the contact and consumption of infants and young children the most common milk of milk protein allergy ranked first in the allergic disease.

It is understood that the current domestic market of milk protein allergy products with amino acids or whey protein hydrolysis technology, and milk powder of the launch in China, a big AnMinJian LGG by casein hydrolysis technology, not only difficult to trigger an allergic reaction, and can be allergic to help the baby to adapt to the milk protein, is the first domestic casein hydrolysis depth formula products.

In 2016, the global milk protein allergy market survey data showed that the market share of amminjian LGG reached 45.4%. Analysts pointed out that emineken LGG's casein deep hydrolysis technology has been clinically proven to be very helpful in the treatment of infant milk protein allergy. This product has the absolute leading advantage in the global infant milk protein allergy market, which will undoubtedly greatly enrich and enhance the product line of China's special milk protein allergy market and influence the existing pattern of milk protein allergy special products in the market. "We have every reason to believe that LGG will be a leading brand and a first choice for parents in the milk protein allergy market in China," said Jason ritter, CEO of mead Johnson greater China.

The reason why the milk powder giant makes special milk powder is because of the huge market potential of special formula food. According to the statistics of the in-depth market analysis and investment strategy research report of China's infant formula milk powder industry from 2018 to 2023, the sales of special products in China have been growing continuously in recent years, among which the milk protein allergy market is expected to grow 125% from 2015 to 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 20%. The current milk protein allergy market volume is about 1.2 billion yuan, and is expected to reach 2.2 billion yuan by 2021.

In fact, as one of the biggest potential markets for special food consumption in the world, the rapid development of special food production and consumption in China has attracted more and more domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in the competition.

Brand accelerated organic milk powder market layout

Against the background of the continuous expansion of the global organic infant food market, the consumption of organic infant formula milk powder in China is also ushering in a new round of outbreak, and organic milk powder brands have sprung up like mushrooms. According to incomplete statistics, at present, the number of organic milk powder brands sold in the Chinese market is about 40, including local brands and foreign brands, but mainly from large enterprises. Nestle, wyeth, feihe, mengniu, alaa, abbott, hongxing, aoyou, yipin, biosyngium and other large domestic and foreign milk powder enterprises have successively launched organic milk powder, and successfully obtained the approval of the state food and drug administration.

At present, red star aobeixing, heshengyuan aisi time, mengniu ruibu-en, Arla baby and I, aiyonuo, ainico, feihezhen, wyeth qi-fu, abbott jing zhi, beioulai, youlan, nuka zhizhen, kangdomier oureil, aoyouchun resplendent, ounengduo and so on have successfully passed the formula registration.

In March 2018, nestle launched zhuochun nenen with a high profile, which means that nestle officially entered the organic milk powder market. The industry expects that after nestle, more milk powder giants will enter the organic market in 2018, and the market scale will continue to maintain a high-speed growth trend. At the same time, the industry competition will also become more fierce.

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