Beer industry before the season began to promote the cost of the rise is the main reason

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Core tips: China is the world's largest beer market, but the industry has experienced 24 consecutive months of declining production since July 2014, followed by ups and downs.
  China is the world's largest beer market, but the industry has experienced 24 consecutive months of declining production since July 2014, followed by ups and downs. In the view of insiders, this is because in the face of diversified, personalized and consumption upgrading consumption forms, many beer enterprises did not layout ahead of time, resulting in long-term difficulties in the beer industry.

A sales pitch was launched ahead of the peak beer season

From the market, into the beer sales season of the major brands of discount information. Reporters then visited a number of supermarkets in Beijing, in pu huang yu wumart supermarket, Harbin beer series launched a number of promotions, the lower end of Harbin alcohol cool 500 milliliter container price of 25 yuan, equivalent to the price of 2.09 yuan per listen, the corresponding manufacturer suggested price is 2.99 yuan; Tsingtao beer brand price is 5 yuan, bulk purchase of the average bottle can enjoy 0.5 yuan discount.

Promotion on e-commerce platforms is simpler and more crude. Take the official flagship store of tsingtao beer Tmall as an example, the original price of tsingtao beer classic beer 500ml×24 can is 140 yuan, and the current price is 109 yuan. Qingdao pure draft beer 500ml×12 can original price 130 yuan, the current price is directly cut in half to 69 yuan; Qingdao's high-end beer is also promoted on a large scale. The price of 330ml×24 tin of Qingdao augute is reduced from 290 yuan to 119 yuan. The official flagship store of yanjing beer sells 500ml×12 cans of 10-degree fresh beer, which is sold in two boxes and sold at 136 yuan instead of 240 yuan. Yanjing 11 degree blue can yellow beer 330ml×24 can size also two boxes packaged for sale, the price is reduced from 198 yuan to 155 yuan; Snow official store 8 degree can brave tianya 330ml×24 can specifications limited time discount price 87 yuan, the previous price showed as 96 yuan; Snow pure 500ml×12 listen to the same limited specifications of preferential activities, the price is also reduced from 96 yuan to 87 yuan; However, the most preferential margin of snowflake facebook 500ml×12 can of specification products, the promotion price is 180 yuan, which is about 1/3 lower than the original price of 300 yuan.

Reporters noted that the current supermarket and e-commerce platform of the promotion of various beer brands to the barbecue season as a gimmick. Sales staff also said that the arrival of the current peak season, according to experience in previous years, the current promotional activities are only the beginning, as the weather gradually into the hot summer, beer related promotional activities will be carried out more.

Rising costs are the main cause

The first big price hike in the New Year of 2018 came from breweries, including China resources snow and tsingtao brewery, which will adjust their prices from January 1. As for the reasons for the price increase, several major beer companies attributed the problem to the rising cost of raw materials, labor costs, transportation costs, environmental protection tax levy caused by the cost.

Now after less than half a year, tsingtao beer prices for the second time. Tsingtao beer's Qingdao premium brand will raise prices by 2 yuan for each product and case, and a written notice will be issued later, according to winery. According to tsingtao beer insiders, the price increase date in May 20, and other brands did not directly raise prices, only appropriately reduce the market input fees.

Tsingtao beer this price increase and cost rise is closely related. It is understood that for a bottle of beer, the main price composition is the cost of sales, labor, raw materials, packaging materials and other, packaging materials accounted for the largest proportion, can reach 30%. However, in 2017, due to the rapid rise in the cost of raw and auxiliary packaging materials, the gross profit of beer companies had a greater impact.

According to the data of the market in-depth analysis and investment strategy research report of China draft beer industry from 2018 to 2023, the cost of beer industry was at a high level in the first quarter of 2018, among which the average price of glass in the first quarter of 2017 was 1,287 yuan. In the first quarter of 2018, it rose to 1,444 yuan. Corrugated paper's average price in the first quarter of 2017 was 3,875 yuan, rising to 4,072 yuan in the first quarter of 2018. In addition, the price of imported barley was $232.9 / ton in March, down $1.8 / ton from march, but up 21.7 percent from march.

Have beer industry insiders said, these two years, the cost of raw materials of beer really rose, including raw materials, packaging, manual, etc., enterprise a lot of pressure, such as barley, general brewery malt plant without his, most need to purchase, because the malt factory also face fierce competition, in fact the barley hikes to the brewery and no imagination of so many, but the cost of the raw materials of malt was up about 10%. Overall, costs have gone up quite a bit.
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