Sheep milk industry development potential huge market scale planning transformation and upgrading

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Core tips:  Sheep milk industry development potential huge market scale planning transformation and upgrading
  With the continuous improvement of consumers' recognition of goat's milk and the continuous expansion of the domestic goat's milk market, the practitioners of domestic goat's milk realize that the industrial development cannot catch up with the market demand, and the key to solve this problem is the transformation and upgrading of the goat's milk industry.

The development potential of sheep's milk industry is huge

Reporters learned from the meeting, since this year, the major domestic dairy groups have applied for registration of infant formula goat milk products, investment in the development of goat milk industry, the Chinese dairy industry officially entered a new era of both cattle and sheep.

There are more than 2 million dairy goats in shaanxi province, and the annual output of goat milk is more than 500,000 tons, ranking first in China. The unique geographical position and climatic conditions in shaanxi province provide unique advantages for dairy goat raising and scientific research. Since its establishment in the 1930s, northwest a & f university has been engaged in the research and promotion of milk goats and achieved a series of important results. In recent years, northwest a & f university has taken the initiative to meet the scientific and technological needs of regional sheep's milk industry, vigorously enhanced its independent innovation ability, and boosted farmers' income by more than 10 billion yuan.

Fuping county has a long history of dairy goat breeding. The dairy goat stock, milk production and processing are the first among all dairy goat counties in China. It is the largest dairy goat base county in China. The county was named "milk goat country" by the State Council in 1987.

For nearly 30 years, in order to speed up the milk goats technology popularization, northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology, professor bin-yun cao team integrated innovation "functional laboratory research + entity terminal technology training demonstration sheep industry + Internet users accurate delivery" to promote the new mode of crack science to enter a final a kilometer in sheep breeding technology promotion. Integrated and innovated 10 technologies for transformation and upgrading of the milk goat industry, and created a new "451" model for the milk goat industry to promote rural revitalization and accurate poverty alleviation. "4" refers to the establishment of a targeted poverty alleviation team closely integrated by the local government, scientific and technological experts, leading enterprises and poor villagers. "5" refers to 5 specific support measures: that is, go deep into the poor households to identify the cause of poverty, because of the implementation of measures, people teaching technology, distribution of breeding sheep catch improvement, the establishment of milk station to collect milk; "1" refers to the implementation of support measures to ensure that poor households raise milk goats per capita net income of more than 10,000 yuan. By promoting the "451" new model of targeted poverty alleviation in the dairy goat industry, the goal of effective targeted poverty alleviation in the industry has been preliminarily achieved, with experts teaching the breeding technology of dairy goats for poor households, improving the breeding of sheep, and experts guiding the prevention and treatment of sheep diseases.

At present, although sheep's milk only accounts for about 5% of China's dairy consumption market and the large-scale breeding of milk goats is still in its infancy, the development potential of sheep's milk industry is huge. According to industry experts estimate, in the next 10 years, China's dairy market development potential in about 600 billion yuan, sheep's milk industry market development potential in more than 200 billion yuan, and currently less than 20 billion yuan, market development potential is great.

Market size planning transformation and upgrading

Compared with milk, goat's milk contains more than 200 nutrients and bioactive factors. It is regarded as the best milk because of its rich nutrition, easy absorption and other advantages. It is known as the "king of milk" and is recognized as the milk closest to human milk in the world. In China, sheep's milk market has experienced nearly 10 years of development, recognition gradually improved, the market size is also expanding.

According to industry experts, the growth rate of sheep milk powder market is between 20% and 30%, and some enterprises even reach 30% or more. The factors supporting the high growth of sheep milk powder are not only the two-child policy and consumers' increased awareness of sheep milk powder, but also the fact that infant milk powder enterprises are looking for differentiation positioning under the background of consumption upgrading.

However, the rapid development of goat milk market, let practitioners feel the pressure of transformation and upgrading. The development of sheep's milk industry in China needs to break through the bottleneck that the market development does not match the industrial development stage.

The cause of industrial bottleneck is largely attributed to the lag of technology. As an irreplaceable raw material in infant milk powder, the domestic sheep's milk industry almost completely relies on imported whey powder to meet the demand, which leads to the lack of bargaining power of domestic sheep's milk manufacturers for foreign whey powder manufacturers.

Industry insiders said, with the sheep milk enterprises clustering "pure sheep" concept, as one of the core raw materials and mainly rely on imported whey powder appeared supply and demand tension, price inflation, even appeared "no goods" phenomenon. Since 2014, the price of sheep whey powder has risen from 60,000 yuan per ton to more than 100,000 yuan per ton at the highest price. In the first half of 2017, the price of D90 desalted sheep whey powder was 130,000 yuan per ton, which rose to 150,000 yuan per ton in November and 250,000 yuan per ton at the highest, at least five times the price of cow whey powder.

China's first production line of 1,500 tons of whey flour for sheep has been put into operation in shaanxi province. The project is expected to reduce the high price of imported whey flour. According to liu rundong, sheep's milk enterprises need to solve problems by building a complete industrial chain and promoting industrial technological progress. In addition, it is necessary to accelerate the introduction of good milk sheep breeds and promote the construction of milk sources.

What is worth paying attention to is, the opportunity of sheep milk market already paid attention to for many places. Zhang kangning, director of the industrial department of the shaanxi provincial department of industry and information technology, said that shaanxi regards sheep's milk industry as an important industry to develop, and the provincial government also put forward the goal of building a 100 billion yuan sheep's milk industry in the report. The province will soon release plans for a 100 billion yuan sheep's milk industry.

For the future of industrial development, liu rundong said to consider from two aspects. From the point of view of enterprises, we should adhere to the processing of pure fresh goat milk, and maintain the nutritional activity of the product while ensuring compliance with the national standard of bacterial community. From the perspective of the market, we need to do a good job in popular science education, so that domestic consumers can choose sheep milk powder as they choose cow milk powder.
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