Wheat flour banned all additives, su yan steamed bun improver steamed stuffed bun special baking pow

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Core tips:All additives will be banned in the new national standard for wheat flour, and baking powder for steamed buns, an improvement to steamed buns made with su yan yeast, will become a new favorite
Source: source: hundred number - food vision author: understand the food xuan. Original title: new national standard will come out, flour can not add additives and other substances
Flour is also called wheat flour, is the staple food of many people, almost every day to use. But the flour quality discretion of different brand on the market is differ: in some flour added excessive food additive or forbidden additive, the colour and lustre of some flour and odour are unusual, make a lot of consumer buy flour to feel very troublesome. To further guarantee the quality of flour, the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration's research institute was responsible for drafting the national standard for wheat flour, which was recently released for public comment. The draft standard clearly states that no food additives or other substances should be added to wheat flour in the future.
The standard draft also stipulates that the processing accuracy is the key index for the classification of flour. Food safety professionals point out that when families buy flour, they can first look at the flour grade on the package, a key indicator. The consumer with less population in the home buys the wheat flour with high processing accuracy as far as possible if refined powder, because the flour with higher processing accuracy is relative to, more not easy to go bad, food safety is more secure, food shelf life is relatively longer.
One, flour will not add additives, grade is divided into 3
According to the national standard of wheat flour (draft for comments), wheat flour is a kind of product: it is a kind of product that is made by grinding ordinary wheat, removing part of bran and embryo to meet the requirements of certain processing accuracy, without adding any substance, and can meet the requirements of making flour food. According to this standard, wheat flour added with other substances belongs to special flour (special flour), can no longer be called wheat flour. According to the new national standard, wheat flour is classified into three grades, from high to low: refined flour, standard flour and ordinary flour. Among the 7 quality indexes of wheat flour, 3 are related to the classification of flour quality, which are processing accuracy, ash content and fatty acid value respectively.
Two, the trick to buy flour: look at the key index "processing accuracy"
The purpose of food standards is not only to restrict the production and marketing activities of food enterprises, but also to guide consumers to buy safe and good food. When consumers buy flour, they can use the standard. Many consumers may have encountered such trouble: bought after the flour opened the bag, found has become discolored, stale; Or, some flour bought home not put long, appear color and smell become bad problem. The average consumer, with limited food expertise, cannot see at a glance whether the flour in the bag has gone bad or is about to go bad. So how can the average consumer avoid buying the flour in question?
Food safety officials say "processing accuracy" is a key indicator of flour quality. According to the processing accuracy, the "wheat flour" national standard (draft for comments) will be divided into refined flour, standard powder and ordinary powder. Fatty acid value is also an important quality indicator of flour grade and quality: the higher the flour grade, the lower the fatty acid value should be. Fatty acid value is the content of free fatty acids in food. The higher the content of fatty acid in flour and other grain processed products, the easier it is to spoil. Because free fatty acid easy rancidity, resulting in flour and other food color and smell bad. The higher the moisture content of the flour, the lower the processing accuracy of the flour, the higher the temperature and humidity of storage and transportation, the faster the increase of the fatty acid value, and the more likely the flour is to spoil.

Description: this platform is free to share the latest global information. If there is infringement, please contact the platform phone 15850006429 delete. With that in mind, it's easy to answer the question "how to avoid buying stale flour". When average consumer is buying flour, want to look above package bag above above above "processing accuracy" corresponding content, choose and buy refined powder as far as possible, because refined powder compares the fatty acid value of other two grade flour is lower, fall in same condition, not easy discoloration, change flavour, can preserve longer time. This method is simple and easy to learn. In the meantime, average family buys the flour that leaves factory before long as far as possible, leave production date close, leave expiration date of shelf life far. And, buy the flour of compound package as far as possible, because its airtightness is better, the material such as the moisture outside, oxygen is more not easy to permeate inside package bag, cause the mildew of flour not easily, change color, change flavour to wait for a problem.A-3.芝麻球膨松剂纸箱

Description: this platform is free to share the latest global information. If there is infringement, please contact the platform phone 15850006429 delete.
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