[new national standard of flour will be introduced] no additives and other substances in flour

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Core tips:The National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration's scientific research institute was responsible for drafting the national standard for wheat flour, which was recently released for public comment. The draft standard clearly states that no food


Flour sales is the most concerned about the problem, the market a little wind and gossip, will make manufacturers highly nervous. Flour dealers terminal sales pressure is larger, the amount of goods is not concentrated, the amount is not large. At the same time, the profit is not high, the current flour sales generally maintain the old customers. Flour manufacturers recently the most concerned about the domestic leading enterprises price dynamics, looking forward to rising mentality is very urgent.

By-products become a pain in the hearts of manufacturers, standard flour, secondary flour, bran all appear varying degrees of decline, the decline of the biding powder is the most obvious. The demand for aquatic products, animal husbandry and other products slows down. The price of imported barley, rice bran and other substitutes is low.

To sum up, at present, the cost of flour manufacturers is high, the sales of flour is not smooth, the by-products are weak, the profit space is constantly compressed, the profit situation is not ideal. Manufacturers want to change the current situation, raising the price of flour is the most ideal method, the market is suggested to pay more attention to the dynamics of the factory, zhuochuang is expected to short-term flour market or will greet a wave of rising prices.

Flour is also called wheat flour, is the staple food of many people, almost every day to use. But the flour quality discretion of different brand on the market is differ: in some flour added excessive food additive or forbidden additive, the colour and lustre of some flour and odour are unusual, make a lot of consumer buy flour to feel very troublesome.

Portant. Overflow - wrap: break - the word! important." The national standard for wheat flour, drawn up by the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration's scientific research institute, has been put out for public comment to further guarantee the quality of flour. The standard opinion draft clearly points out the wheat flour after




Portant. Overflow - wrap: break - the word! important." > this standard opinion draft also stipulates that the processing accuracy is the key index of the classification of flour. Food safety professionals point out that when families buy flour, they can first look at the flour grade on the package, a key indicator. The consumer with less population in the home buys the wheat flour with high processing accuracy as far as possible if refined powder, because the flour with higher processing accuracy is relative to, more not easy to go bad, food safety is more secure, food shelf life is relatively longer.

There will be no additives in flour

Portant. Overflow - wrap: break - the word! important." > "wheat flour" national standards (draft for comments), wheat flour is such a kind of products: by ordinary wheat after milling, remove some bran and embryo, to achieve a certain processing accuracy requirements, without adding any substance, can meet the requirements of making pasta food products.

Portant. Overflow - wrap: break - the word! important." > according to this standard, wheat flour added with other substances belongs to the special flour (special flour), can no longer be called wheat flour.

According to the new national standard, wheat flour is classified into three grades, from high to low: refined flour, standard flour and ordinary flour. Among the 7 quality indexes of wheat flour, 3 are related to the classification of flour quality, which are processing accuracy, ash content and fatty acid value respectively.

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