Academician Chen chun gave a speech on blockchain for senior leaders

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Core tips:This article comes from WeChat ID: XuS venture capital10 ⽉ ⽇ 11 ~ 13, sponsored by the China computer society, block c

This article comes from WeChat ID: XuS venture capital




10 ⽉ ⽇ 11 ~ 13, sponsored by the China computer society, block chain of China computer society




Committee, the China electric ⼦ ⽹ collaterals information security technology co., LTD., ⻄ south ⼤ study of finance and economics, division




The 2019 CCF block chain technology branch co-hosted by guodin data science institute will be completed




For ⾏. China ⼯ cheng yuan yuan ⼠ ⼠ Anderson, court issued the key technology and block chain area




Regulatory challenges of block chain "keynote speech, he said that China's block chain technology research hotspot will be




Focused on the key technology of alliance block chain, chain blocks regulation technology ⽅ ⾯. Alliance block chain




In addition to four key technologies that need to be researched by scientists, there are also technologies for data collaboration up and down the chain, which




⽅ to ⼀ under the stage of development.




Core view:




1. Nuclear ⼼ league chain underlying platform are performance, can be ⽤ privacy and security;




2. Chain chain synergy technology is the data for the future development of ⼀ important ⽅ to;




3. The regulatory technology of blockchain is the key to the healthy and sustainable development of blockchain.




The following is a speech all ⽂ (according to the field of shorthand and record the ⾳ finishing) :




WeChat ID: XuS venture capital 1




Today very honored to, also very ⾼ hing to we ⼤ will this time. My report topic ⽬ is "union block




Chain key technologies and regulatory challenges of blockchain. Just before the said ⾯ ⽐ is poor in this year




Poor head, especially last year, in fact I think also is not the case, the block chain is developing in spring ⻛,




⽐ such as "⼗ 35 planning" in our country have to block chain, quantity ⼦ communications, ⼈ ⼯ intelligence as




Heavy ⼤ ⽬ into ⾏; 2019 2 ⽉ 18 ⽇ ⼈ ⺠ ⽇ newspaper front page mentioned block chain is "new




With the spirit of modern information technology.




Block chain, this simple ⾥ I share with ⼤ home ⼀ next. Introduction is the traditional system with block




Chain system ⼏ characteristics, traditional system each other ⼼, tampering with data reconciliation, etc.,




This is the opposite of the blockchain system. about nuclear ⼼ value chain blocks, the ⾥ has many




Experts I not much said, it has promoted many ⼼ collaboration efficiency, to mediation, improve ⽅




Trust, data untamable, traceable, auditable, and so on.




Blockchain technology research hotspot China and the international slightly different, China's main research hot




The point is focused on the key technology of blockchain alliance, and I think the supervision technology of blockchain is also




Is ⾮ often important. Why do you say block chain ⾮ regulation technology is often important? With the spirit of nature




Well, like traffic ⼀ sample, when the police did not stand, ⻋ ⼦ open, traffic order




It will be too good. I this ⾥ mainly want to talk about the key technology of alliance block chain.




Alliance block chain of 4 major technologies




⾸ alliance first block chain ⾼ performance it is ⾮ often important. When you have a league chain, chain ⽅




⾯ etheric lane per second ⼏ ⼗ pen, this point is not enough. Now, if ⼤ scale should be ⽤ come up




The best of the domestic league chain can be tens of thousands of points, ⼏ per thousand to tens of thousands of performance. ⼤ gauge




The performance of the nodes of the module, or the amount of data in the module, will drop dramatically, too




Block chain waste and performance not ⾏ shortcomings. Key technology ⾼ performance needs in various ⽅ ⾯




Into ⾏ technological breakthroughs, including ⾼ consensus algorithm performance, including ⾼ intelligent engine contract, too




Including the consensus of the new mechanism, the hope can ⾼ consensus efficiency and safety, mainly is, of course




To ⽀ hold various ⽹ ⼤ scale main ⽹ of complex structure. There was also a hot spot of research on hardware and software cooperation




With optimization, which is also ⾮ often important, like AI ⼀ sample, without core ⽚ AI is very troublesome.




The first block is the most critical ⼆ a chain security privacy key technology. In China to ⽤ ⾸ to full ⾯ first




⽀ the encryption algorithm and standard in our country, it is certainly no problem. Business should be ⽤ need platform business number




According to privacy protection, can pass the namespace ⽅ type in the physical ⾯ into ⾏ business data points




Yeah, it's worth studying. There is also a more fine-grained privacy transaction mechanism that implements transactions that can be verified however




Not ⻅. And based on the credibility of ⾏ environment technology node key management and data encryption




WeChat ID: XuS venture capital 2




Storage, data organization technology such as Angela merkel, based on DAG, prevent ⽌ ⽂ been tampered with. League chain




The first ⼆ key technical safety and privacy is ⾮ often important.




The third key technology is the key technology of ⾼ ⽤ can be. This ⾥ ⼀ a dynamic members




⼊ mechanism, and quick recovery after the node failure mechanism, the ⾥ will touch in a distributed system




That this also ⾮ often important, not the entire system to stop node, should be in real time




The state. When I wanted to delete one of the outdoor spirit nodes, I couldn't stop it




Can stop. And go to the ⼼ alliance ⾃ cure management mechanism, how to do this? Is tong




Too much ⽅ proposal a vote ⽅ method or other ⽅ method, all of these have the mechanism. ⼈ can conceive




No doubt, whether the alliance chain can truly achieve a fair mechanism of management,




But the league in the chain is much ⼼ will doubt, this also ⾮ often important. And the thermal ⾼ effect




For switching mechanism, this also is the key technology of league chain after, is ⾮ often important.




The fourth key technology is the key technology of ⾼ extensible. With that intention, it was programmable




⾔ make ⽤ ⽀ hold a variety of programming language. The ordinary programming language ⾔ the better, of course, such ⼤ home is




Will ⽤ very ⽅ then. The first ⼆ ⽅ type extensible storage, can ⽀ holding multi-type, multiple groups




Woven data trusted storage. The third is to provide credible external data sources ⽀ hold ⾔ machine clothing




Services. Fourth is ⽀ hold across the chain, and heterogeneous isomorphism chain chain of cross linked together, this also ⾮ often heavy




Want to.




This ⾥ ⼀ ⽐ relatively, I purposely put forward Hyperchain, technical performance in the league chain ⽅ ⾯,




Our domestic is also done ⽐ is better. For example, like Hyperchain ⽐ now all performance




Is is superior, is good this year with various platforms ⽐ more abroad.




Chain chain data under collaborative technology is one of the important ⽅ to league chain development




Industrialization should be ⽤ league chain can also be at home, in the field of ⾦ ⾏ industry, legal, medical




Domain, energy domain, entertainment domain, notary domain, etc., what do I want to talk about? although




Feel cooled block chain this year, but our country is the chain of the alliance should be ⽤ since this year




There are so many, these should be ⽤ just ⾦ melts, the block chain should ⽤ or abroad




A little bit different. ⻄ ⽅ blocks the development of the chain is basically based on ⾦ innovation up other ⾏ industry




New, ⽽ besides ⾦ melting innovation in China, what is more important in various ⾏ industry should ⽤, ⽽ and now




In good ⼏ domestic league chain platform, also ⾜ with ⽀ ⼀ some should ⽤ now. ⾯ before I speak




To performance can be tens of thousands of nodes, of course, this is very extreme cases, ⽽ and can do it




Tens of thousands of frequencies per second.




WeChat ID: XuS venture capital 3




Recent ⼀ alone ⼦ is ⾮ often good, government affairs ⽅ ⾯ reserve ⾦, housing and construction in China




Silver ⾏ made reserves ⾦ management, 491 cities of the country's reserve ⾦, equal to 491 nodes




Now even in ⼀, regardless of what the city's reserves ⾦, regardless of the reserve ⾦ of each




⼈, can be different very ⽅ operation. This if not ⽤ block chain ⽆ method to imagine before, you are




All the data on ⼀, or is each ⾃, I think this is very good








In addition to four key technologies that need to be researched by scholars, blockchain alliance also includes data collaboration on and off the chain




Technology, which is under ⽅ to ⼀ stage of development.




Is on the left is the CAP theorem, ⼀ consistency, but ⽤, partition tolerance, originally I do the ⽅




⾯, distributed ⾼ performance of real-time computing, with particular emphasis on ⽤, partition tolerance.




However, the theory of ⽆ how each system is in three ⼀ a balance point, if emphasize ⼀ consistency,




That might be in can ⽤ sex and partition will tolerate sexual ⼀ points, so different should ⽤ is particularly close








Block chain also impossible to three ⻆ model corresponding to come over, it is to the ⼼, scalable,




Security. The same process of fully neutralizing would have been more challenging with respect to security




⻆ point. With that said, both the traditional information system and the blockchain system have inherent limitations




Sex. ⼀ ⽅ ⾯, block chain system needs through chain system under extension can ⼒ computing and storage. On the other




⼀ ⽅ ⾯, under the existing system linked with block chain docking are needed to solve the information island and tamper-proof, etc




The problem.




If as ⼤ scale should be ⽤ now, I think the most important should solve asked under the chain on the chain




The so-called blockchain on the chain is all the traditional information system below the chain. How do we




What type ⼊ embedded block chain system to the traditional systems now ⾥ ⼀ some problems to solve it, or




In turn ⽤ our block chain system put the traditional information system. Just like I said




Reserve ⾦ ⽬, it is point to point 491 points is completely block chain system, under ⽽ ⾯ reserves




⼜ ⾦ system is one of the traditional ⽹ winding should be ⽤ system, structure, so block chain in ⾯, under




⾯ have other, which in turn can also put a chain of block system ⼊ traditional embedded system, under the chain chain data




Collaborative requirements can be especially important. Request chain on the chain down the data, if you can coordinate can be true




⼀ consistency and relevance, this ⾮ often important.




Before ⼤ home can query ⽂, ⽬ data under the chain chain synergy of technology at home and abroad is just up




Step, also have ⼀ some collaborative research, including the side chain and channel the state, to mention ⾼ performance and calculation




Can ⼒. It's a bit like cloud computing and edge computing. Now the data is good, at least on the blockchain




WeChat ID: XuS venture capital line 4




Leave a channel for other data. Cross - chain technology in order to increase interoperability between chains and




Scalability. Chain calculation under, can ⼒ ⾼ data privacy protection. It is also a ⾮ often important




We can't just think about the connection between the system on the chain and the system on the chain, how to protect the data privacy




Protect also want butt joint. With the addition of chain-down storage, what was the original system storage




It should be studied.




Under the chain chain data ⽅ to four ⼤ synergy technology development




⽅ to its development, standards, data fusion under the block in the chain of chain and chain synergy of the model box




frame, ⽬ before need to research the following points:




1. ⼤ ⾼ performance scale peer-to-peer ⽹ collaterals. Around the block chain should be ⽤, originally ⼤ scale point to point




⽹ collaterals, this is the most important, because the chain of blocks is point-to-point transmission. if




⽹ winding technology no breakthrough, block chain system performance is difficult to ascend.




2. Modular security cryptography protocol. Blockchain is distributed with passwords. Security tight




Modular code learning agreement, block chain embedded ⼊ ⼦ system, modular security of cryptographic protocol




Research on ⽅ ⾯.




3. ⾼ programmable calculation engine performance. We hope ⽤ different intelligent contract ⽤ plait




Cheng ⾔ to make up, since ⽤ ⾔ different programming language, you may need a ⾼ programmable computing performance




The engine.




4. Definable data distribution protocol.




These data should be under the chain chain ⽅ to collaborative development.




⽬ to say also is pretty good, we had ⼀ middle experiment, now basically can provide




Domestic, ⾃ Lord, controlled, perfect China ⽀ ⽶ cipher algorithm, provide the system of chain chain




With the collaborative service technology stack, it couldn't be said that with its standard framework, it gradually provided many technical services




The online service of the service stack includes: the scale trusted storage, the number of cluster nodes can reach tens of thousands




Points. The experiment was done in China mobile. Our team hopes that with the current technology, it can be




Tens of thousands of nodes, number, did ⽀ are smart contracts across different chain interoperability through ⽤




Chain services. "Data can be ⽤ ⻅" data sharing has been preliminary implementation, however, the theory of ⽆




The technology is not enough. I think there are still very ⻓ way to ⾛, so block chain technology




I think this is just the beginning, not just every single point of technology, but the whole system.




Blockchain regulatory technology




Regulation, finally I want to talk about block chain block chain ⾮ regulation technology is often important, just like me




⾯ talked about before, especially in China should be ⽤ ⼤ scale, block chain ⽬ item later, you didn't




WeChat ID: XuS venture capital 5




Have good regulation, who all dare not risk the ⻛. With my spirit, I had no spirit




Tube, like ⻢ no site ⼀ a traffic police on the road, or no traffic light." Do you think ⾃




⼰ had better not police, it is best not to traffic lights, ⻋ ⼦ can open very quickly, in fact is not




⾏. ⼤ home all know the importance of supervision technology, have ⼀ "north ⼤ YueXin" event is written ⼊




Ethereum, you can't tamper with it. What do you do? Have ⼈ data down everywhere. The chain of public




It has become the communication medium of new media, because the public chain itself has been de-centralized and cannot be replaced




Change, cannot delete, low cost characteristic. I remember I have ⼈ calculate, in the "north ⼤ YueXin" ⼏




A message in ethereum seemed to cost only $0.17




Come to think of it, but ⾮ often cheaper price. ⽤ block chain to spread harmful information, ⽹ collaterals rumours




⾔ inflammatory, offensive information, and will bring to block chain industry layout and development of the technology is not




The influence, will affect us, this is ⾮ often important. Itself will bring superintendent department ⻔ chain




It's a great challenge.




Any good technology or ⼀ ⼯ needs to be correct to make ⽤, can play the most ⼤




The value chain blocks regulation more ⾼ requirements are put forward.




We except for the block chain technology itself, perhaps we need to really have ⼀ ⽅ very well




To the. Let's look at how blockchain regulation, so called security, blockchain security is the most important




Is the block chain system security, anti-attack, etc., in addition, block chain content, public chain




Has become a media, what else is possible? It is similar to the consciousness form of "north section yuexin"




State, content regulation is needed, if we can ⽤ our technology?




2019 ⽹ letter do go to the "block chain information service management regulations", we learned this




Rules and communicate with ⽹ letter do feel block chain development has two ⽅ ⾯, ⼀ is ⼤ rules in China




Should ⽤ should ⽤ block chain a module to the economic construction, mainly ⽤ chain alliance, its regulatory relatively




Control, the challenge to security ⽐ is better. But we should also be ⽀ male chain technology of hair




Exhibition, participate in international competition, this also is ⾮ often important.




⽬ before although block chain regulation has been ⻅ effect at the beginning of this year has unveiled the first ⼀ batch of 197 districts




Piece of chain information service for the record number, but the road or ⾮ ⻓, often before ⽬ block chain




Tube technology development trend has the following ⼏ points:




1. Tracking and visualization of blockchain nodes.




2. Penetration supervision technology of alliance chain.




3. Active discovery and detection technology of the common chain.




4. Chain by chain architecture and standards.




WeChat ID: XuS venture capital line 6




only provides technical solution ⽅ case, ⽽ and relatively reliable, ⽆ ⾮ ⼀ point, is the difference in degree only




Have such ability in actual should ⽤ is likely to block chain on this technology, block chain regulation here




A matter ⾮ often important. Professor we need everyone here to research ⼀, provide ⼀ some ⻔ for supervision department

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