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The scientists iterated and integrated pathway genes in yetscherb yeast to produce high beta caroten


Beta carotene is a tetraterpene compound, often used as pigment or nutrient additive in food and animal nutrition, currently mainly produced by chemical synthesis or fermentation of triclosan. Beta carotene can be synthesized by acetyl coenzyme A(or pyruv

Animal nutrition
biological | 2019年11月22日 41 分享
On November 15, the us food and drug administration (FDA) announced that the new anti-cancer drug "zepitinib" independently developed by beiji shenzhou, a biomedical enterprise from Beijing yizhuang, has been approved for the market with "p【more】
biological | 2019年11月22日 117 分享
Dong-e e jiao on the 13th suddenly revealed that the board of directors recently received chairman wang chuncheng submitted a written resignation report. Before the election of the new chairman, wu jun, a director of the company, shall temporarily perform【more】
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seline; box-sizing: border-box !important; word-wrap: break-word !important;英联酶(portant; word-wrap: break-word !impo【more】
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portant; word-wrap: break-word !important;Source: life times -- Beijing confirms case of plague, on the evening of Novem【more】
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Principle of the Chinese government network news yesterday, the state council agreed to the Yangtze river delta integration of ecological green development demonstration area overall plan "(hereinafter referred to as the" scheme "), the app【more】
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This article comes from WeChat ID: XuS venture capital10 ⽉ ⽇ 11 ~ 13, sponsored by the China computer society, block c【more】
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 Alpha works  Guide: comprehensive gross profit rate has been maintained at a high level, close to 80%.After the succ【more】
biological | 2019年11月23日 167 分享
In the integration of the new policy on milk powder in 2018, the sinking effect of foreign brands' channels is not obvious, but the positive effect of domestic milk powder's channel policy has begun to reflect. Due to the early registration and 【more】
fermentation | 2019年11月23日 61 分享
Mooncake prices cut in half before Mid-Autumn festival  more
fermentation | 2019年11月23日 95 分享
Notice on the convening of "2019 special series BBS on China's bio-fermentation industry"more
fermentation | 2019年11月23日 111 分享
Notice on convening the second session of the ninth council and the second session of the ninth executive council of China biofermentation industry associationmore
fermentation | 2019年11月23日 102 分享
The second round of notice on "2019 biofermentation, nutrition and health • probiotics industry development peak BBS" was heldmore
fermentation | 2019年11月23日 187 分享
  Kweichow moutai, which scored more than 100 million yuan in sales on nov 11, was unloved on the stock market yesterday, closing down 1.78 percent. Kweichow moutai chairman said recently that the price will not rise this year and in the future, stabilizimore
fermentation | 2019年11月23日 165 分享
Thailand card food and beverage industry index grading securities investment fund (country card food and beverage industry index grading, code 160222) released the latest net value, down 1.97%. The net value of the fund is 1.0524 yuan, and the cumulative more
fermentation | 2019年11月23日 158 分享
  Investment advice: liquor enterprise intensive annual dealer conference this week, white line leading pass confidence on the one hand, on the one hand and the external environment, industry development trend has a clear understanding of the industry thomore
foods | 2019年11月22日 25 分享
A new round of liquor prices are intensive. How to look at the wine companies intensive price action? Although it is in the fourth quarter of the peak season approaching, but different from the past, this year's liquor industry has revealed a silk ad【more】
foods | 2019年11月22日 61 分享
Chinese food enterprises, such as wangwang, mengniu, junlebao, in this year has launched sleep function drinks, into the bureau sleep function food market.【more】
foods | 2019年11月22日 61 分享
【 experts Su Yan yeast, yeast. Yeast Su Yan hair quickly taste sweet. Su Yanjin elevation, Su Yangong standard low sugar yeast, sugar yeast Su Yan blue label high in sugar, snow yan sugar yeast, slow and fast freezing without aluminum twisted dough-strips【more】
foods | 2019年11月22日 78 分享
Burger king is selling artificial meat burgers around the world: it will be rolled out in 25 countries. After a successful U.S. trial, burger king, a fast-food chain, brought plant-based burgers to Europe. Burger king is launching its veggie burger, the R【more】
foods | 2019年11月22日 93 分享
All additives will be banned in the new national standard for wheat flour, and baking powder for steamed buns, an improvement to steamed buns made with su yan yeast, will become a new favorite【more】
foods | 2019年11月22日 168 分享
The National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration's scientific research institute was responsible for drafting the national standard for wheat flour, which was recently released for public comment. The draft standard clearly states that no food【more】
foods | 2019年11月22日 98 分享
【 experts Su Yan yeast, yeast. Yeast Su Yan hair quickly taste sweet. Su Yanjin elevation, Su Yangong standard low sugar yeast, sugar yeast Su Yan blue label high in sugar, snow yan sugar yeast, slow and fast freezing without aluminum twisted dough-strips【more】
foods | 2019年11月22日 16 分享
Mark you consulting translation, space is limited, if you need pictures, please register the platform members we will send you timely email. The content and pictures are strictly prohibited for commercial use【more】
Animal nutrition | 2019年11月22日 95 分享
News source: genet animal nutrition【more】
Animal nutrition | 2019年11月22日 112 分享
Since 2014, the amount and scale of financing for pet enterprises have also increased rapidly. Hillhouse capital is the most active. According to incomplete statistics, from 2016 to 2018, hillhouse capital held more than 100 pet related enterprises with n【more】
Animal nutrition | 2019年11月23日 52 分享
Biological feed as an important grasp of the transformation of the feed industry and solve the difficulties of animal husbandry feed industry breakthrough【more】
Animal nutrition | 2019年11月23日 175 分享
According to the monitoring data of the All-China business information center, the retail sales of the 50 key large retail enterprises in China dropped by 3.9% in July 2018 compared with the same period last year, which is 8.9 percentage points higher tha【more】
Animal nutrition | 2019年11月23日 162 分享
  Sheep milk industry development potential huge market scale planning transformation and upgrading【more】
Animal nutrition | 2019年11月23日 153 分享
  The origin and production methods of milk tea vary with the living habits and food culture characteristics of different places, and gradually derived grassland milk tea, British milk tea, hong kong-style milk tea, Taiwan milk tea, teh cha, Indian milk t【more】
Animal nutrition | 2019年11月23日 143 分享
  China is the world's largest producer and seller of instant noodles. Since the 1990s, the turnover of instant noodles in China has increased for 18 consecutive years. In 2013, a total of 46.22 billion packets of instant noodles were sold in China a【more】
Animal nutrition | 2019年11月23日 145 分享
 Implement whole-process supervision on food and drugs to drive out "bad apples"【more】
additive | 2019年11月23日 6019 分享
We need to propose different types of inulin or pea protein (with different solubility, function, sugar content, etc.) to meet your needs.【more】
additive | 2019年11月23日 176 分享
Milk powder giant fa li special milk powder market brands to accelerate the layout of organic milk powder【more】
additive | 2019年11月23日 161 分享
 China is the world's largest beer market, but the industry has experienced 24 consecutive months of declining production since July 2014, followed by ups and downs.【more】
additive | 2019年11月23日 151 分享
  On May 15, the National Health Commission published the regulations on the management of iodination of salt to eliminate iodine deficiency. This is the first comprehensive revision of the regulations on iodination of salt to eliminate iodine deficiency 【more】
additive | 2019年11月23日 158 分享
 The year 2018 is 40 years of reform and opening up. Looking at today's guangdong, it is constantly presenting a new look on the journey of reform and opening up. We will focus on the clothing, food, housing and transportation related to the life of 【more】
additive | 2019年11月23日 151 分享
 Wandering the streets and shopping malls, you may have encountered this scene: in front of a shop, customers line up for a long time. If you're curious, you'll eventually find out that everyone is just waiting for a freshly squeezed drink.【more】