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Consultation on animal nutrition management of bio-food -- penetration, integration and sharing
Who are we?
Mark of biological food animal nutrition consulting expert team has 10 to 25 years of industry experience, has a strong recognition demand and domestic and international resources integration ability, for biology, food, fermentation and animal nutrition, additives and other related industries in the technology, management, marketing, brand, engineering equipment, etc, provide integration link service demand.
Markyou also provides integrated information services for the industry, and promotes industry policies and regulations.
Two, we can solve the problem for you
● the right path and direction to start a business
● brand creation and persistence
● strategy development and implementation system construction
● build a multi-market oriented organizational structure
● to create a strong market background support system
● enterprise effective information and e-commerce
● high school end talent demand
● marketing system and customer experience system
● international market development
● intellectual property management
● equity financing resources
● industry high-end technology docking
● intelligent production system
● to achieve business continuity 
Third, our service scope and concept
We only provide consulting services for industries we are familiar with, specifically: biotechnology, food FMCG, health food, bio-fermentation, animal nutrition, additives and other industries.
Our service concept: throughout the whole industrial chain; Integrate industry resources; Share the latest technology and management experience
Our success - from our strong professional background resources
Be your personal professional assistant
How do we do it?
[help you find] - to help you close integration of resources, to solve urgent problems.
[talent hunting and recruitment] -- targeted services for enterprises in the fields of biology, food, fermentation, animal nutrition and additives, and put forward professional human resources solutions to accurately match the needs of talents.
[brand module] -- from logo creative design to trademark management, domain name and patent application, corporate image identification system design (CI), corporate culture building and international brand building.
[industry information] -- markyou expert team timely collects domestic and foreign industry trends, laws and regulations, cutting-edge technology, product information, so as to facilitate enterprises to make reference to the development strategy and product planning.
【 import and export data information 】 -- timely collection, collation and accurate analysis of import and export data of products in five fields.
Mark you has established a database of industry top experts, including well-known authoritative experts at home and abroad, to provide one-to-one expert consulting services for your r & d and business strategy.
[intellectual property rights] -- huiyan is unique, excavates the high-quality patent project, proposes the trademark registration feasible plan, in the domestic and international two areas for your enterprise intellectual property rights to do a full range of services.
【 automatic fermentation engineering EPC】 -- intelligent automatic biological fermentation production line design consulting.
[marketing system construction] -- with mature domestic and international operation experience, make diagnosis for your marketing system, and put forward marketing system construction and management plan in line with development strategy.
[enterprise informatization and e-commerce] -- focusing on the featured official websites of small and medium-sized enterprises and customized e-commerce platform services, and recommending top ERP and OA system suppliers at home and abroad according to the actual needs of enterprises.
[supply chain management] -- through material procurement, research and development, pilot test, manufacturing, marketing, feedback, correction and other links, to achieve the optimal operation of the supply chain with the minimum cost, to achieve the reduction of cash flow time; Reduce the risk of the enterprise; Achieve earnings growth; Provide four targets for predictable revenue.
[excellent project financing recommendation] -- selected 20 high-quality projects every year, organized investment companies to carry out project docking, and helped enterprises to conduct precise financing.
[offshore company offshore company] -- the expert consultant establishes and manages offshore company and offshore company for you.
Business agency of international company -- to conduct market evaluation and analysis for foreign companies exploring the market in China, to help you choose the most suitable agent in China, and to do business in China.
[recommendation for international m&a targets] -- markyou expert team has rich experience and extensive connections in the fields of biology, food, fermentation, animal nutrition, medical care and additives, etc., and will search for suitable target companies according to the m&a needs of domestic and international companies, and provide follow-up services.
[professional assistant to President] -- in Shanghai and its surrounding areas, markyou provides special professional assistant services for enterprises at the level of President.
[on behalf of professional factory inspection] -- more than a dozen quality engineers distributed in each province of the country conduct factory inspection for customers nearby. We check the customs for customers according to the standard factory inspection process and continuously train and improve qualified suppliers for customers.
Five, our ability
● biological fermentation technology, animal nutrition, food formula expert team
● enterprise operation management consulting team
● European and American biotechnology partners
● automated fermentation plant construction expert team
● trademark patent advisory team
● information, e-commerce platform consulting team
● overseas registration and financial advisory team
● brand management consulting team
● quality engineer team
Vi. Our platform tools
-- markyou biological food animal nutrition consulting platform (
-- international biological food news
-- international animal nutrition news
-- major domestic and international cooperative media
-- a blogger with millions of followers 
Your payment method
Flexible payment method to meet the needs of business development:
Charge by service hours
-- charge by project (one case one discussion)
-- annual membership
Our contact information
| suzhou markyou biotechnology co., LTD
Phone: 400-822-9655/0086-512-6528 9628
+ 86-15850006429 / + 86-13817874286
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